4 Amazing Exercises for the TRX Suspension

4 Amazing Exercises for the TRX Suspension

If you have just started at the gym, then you will notice that these facilities now have new equipment and training techniques. All these are coming as people look for effective and simple ways to achieve their goals. Have you heard about the TRX suspension workouts? For the fitness veterans, this may common to them, especially those who want to get the best results from their enhancement gear. In fact, people can get more information about legal enhancement gear by contacting a reputable seller. Visit the web and get this contact form at https://valkyrie-online.net .

Both starters and seasoned fitness enthusiasts can benefit from the above information. However, we would like to share insightful information about the TRX suspensions exercises so that the newbies can get all they need to know when they visit the gym. Here are the common exercises you are likely to encounter.

TRX Crunch and Curls

Crunch and curls on a TRX suspension are meant to help people improve their abs and biceps; something every athlete wants.  Ladies can also benefit greatly from the exercises are fun to do, yet effective in toning the upper body.

When lying on your back, you need to hold the handle of the suspended TRX and push your body upwards, only moving the core area and upper body. Pull the body so that the head meets the hands and repeat 20 times. Take 15 seconds break and do another set.

TRX Chest Pushups

This exercise helps the arms, chest and the core to remain fit at all times. The exercise is good for both women and men who want to gain inner strength.

The user needs to be on the inner side of the suspension and hold the handle on each handle. Depending on the level of intensity that one needs, incline your body and let it remain straight such that your hands become the support. Start the pushups by moving the body forward and backward without moving the feet. Two sets of 15 reps each will be a great start for a beginner.

TRX Hamstring Curls

This level of workout now ensures that the butts and the hamstrings stay fit at all times. For a successful set, the user may need a mat to lie on. The Trx suspension handles will act as the support to the already raised legs. When comfortable positioned, raise the butts and the hips slightly and move the legs back and forth. The movement point will be the knee joint.

TRX Hip Press

This is yet another great workout for the lower body, it will help the hips to remain well checked at all time. The workout position is similar to the hamstring curls only that the focus now is not the hips. Upon positioning the feet on the handles of a TRX suspension, make sure that your shoulders act as the pivot point as you raise the hips and the core area up and down. Do 2 sets each 15 reps with a break of 15 secs.


The above TRX suspension workouts are the best to for starters and they still have excellent results for the seasoned trainers. You can also have more as advised by your fitness enthusiast if there is a need.